CCM Group was established in 1979 to provide an all-encompassing, one-stop shop of marketing, publishing, educational and business solutions.

We have a solid history of service excellence throughout various international markets like the USA and Europe, and emerging markets like the Middle East and Africa. Over the past three decades, we’ve:

  • created successful campaigns for the world’s top pharmaceutical products and companies;
  • published the world’s most respected medical journals in several languages in many markets;
  • provided medical education to doctors and KOLs, doctor to patient and direct to patient;
  • and helped to recruit and train top talent throughout the markets where we operate.

With global perspective and local know-how, we’re uniquely qualified to bring the perfect mix of experience and freshness to every job.

MEMI is a highly specialized, organized drug reference compiled for the benefit of medical professionals, listing nearly 3000 products from over 120 manufacturers. The sections of the Index facilitate retrieval of information easily and efficiently. MEMI is considered today to be the most comprehensive drug reference in the Middle East.

Specialist Indexes are pocket-sized versions of MEMI, the leading drug reference in the Middle East. Specialist Indexes are broken down by medical speciality, targeting hospitals and specialist centers throughout the Middle East.