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Alerts in Ophthalmology

Published: August 2011

Alerts are a CCM original publication. CCM realizing the need to fill the gap in continuing medical education in the field of everyday clinical practice, has published the innovative series of Alerts, in association with ACP, ASCO and other prominent Medical Societies. In every issue of each Alerts, the reader will find news of special interest, a highlight article and announcements of forthcoming Congresses and Meetings pertaining to each specialty.

The editors and medical advisors at CCM have access, often exclusive, to comprehensive international literature sources. We compile and extract information for each specialized edition of Alerts in order to present the most current, interesting and cutting-edge articles, and to position Alerts as a respected, useful tool for physicians in everyday practice.

Alerts newsletters are owned exclusively by CCM Group, and the information published is obtained through our partnerships with leading medical societies in the UK and the USA. Other sources of information include highly-accredited international institutions such as the World Health Organization, EMEA, American College of Physicians, American Society of Clinical Oncology and more.

Alerts are independent of any pharmaceutical company opinion or influence, but rather reflect information and data from well-established, peer-reviewed journals. They reflect our latest innovative approach to providing the best medical knowledge to doctors around the world.

The Alerts series bring the physician the most important and most current information in their field.

The areas covered by the Alerts series are:

  • ALERTS in Antibiotics/Anti-Infectives
  • ALERTS in Breast Cancer
  • ALERTS in Cardiovascular Risk Factors
  • ALERTS in Dentistry
  • ALERTS in Dermatology
  • ALERTS in Diabetes
  • ALERTS in Drug/Drug Interactions
  • ALERTS in Ear, Nose & Throat Medicine
  • ALERTS in Family Medicine (OTC)
  • ALERTS in Gastroenterology/Hepatology
  • ALERTS in Hospital Medicine
  • ALERTS in Neurology
  • ALERTS in Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • ALERTS in Oncology
  • ALERTS in Ophthalmology
  • ALERTS in Orthopaedics
  • ALERTS in Osteoporosis
  • ALERTS in Paediatrics
  • ALERTS in Pain
  • ALERTS in Pharmacy
  • ALERTS in Prostate
  • ALERTS in Psychiatry
  • ALERTS in Respiratory Medicine
  • ALERTS in Rheumatology
  • ALERTS in Surgery
  • ALERTS in Urology/Nephrology
  • ALERTS in Vaccines/Immunization

The editors and medical advisors at CCM have made every effort to search the international literature to present the most current, interesting and cutting-edge articles, in order to make Alerts a respected as well as useful tool for the everyday practice of physician with one aim: to provide good service to their patients.

The ideas and opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of CCM Group. Publication of an advertisement or other product mentioned in this publication should not be construed as an endorsement of the product or of the manufacturer’s claims.

ACP or ASCO or any other Medical Society, are not involved in selection, authorship, or production of content beyond agreement for articles from their  journals to be included.