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American College of Cardiology

Published: May 2012

The American College of Cardiology (ACC) was chartered and incorporated as a teaching institution in 1949, and established its headquarters (called Heart House) in Bethesda, Maryland in 1977. ACC has memberships of over 27,000 Cardiologists from around the world. The mission of the ACC is to advocate for quality cardiovascular care through education, research promotion, development and application of standards and guidelines, and to influence healthcare policy.

CCM is pleased to work closely with ACC in the Middle East, Greece, North Africa and Turkey, publishing JACC and all other ACC titles, as well as distributing a complete list of ACC Digital Educational Programs (eLearning, Audio, Meetings on Demand and more) for CME accreditation directly from the ACC such as the ACC Self-Assessment Program (ACC SAP) and these programs:


  • Cath SAP
  • Arrythmia SAP
  • Heart Valve SAP

Online programs include:

  • 21st Century Treatment of Heart Failure
  • ACs Interventional Cardiology Study Guide
  • Heart Songs
  • Cardiosource Plus for Institutions
  • CT Angiography for the Cardiologist
  • CV Board Review Online
  • ECG-SAP 3
  • CV Drug Therapy 2
  • New Approaches and Procedures in Nuclear Cardiology and Cardiac CT


  • Published by one of the most influential Cardiovascular associations in the world
  • Leaders in their field
  • Official publication of the ACC
  • Reviewed by panel of experts
  • Up-to-date medical information
  • Flexibility in marketing your products
  • Focused marketing
  • Direct distribution into the hands of your target group by your field force
  • Efficient exposure of your advertised products
  • Cost-effective promotion & marketing

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